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Dental Patient Guard - A new complete solution to protect your patients

Pride at every step

At Pollyanna Hygiene, we take pride in everything we produce. Our Dental Patient Guard was developed and patented by a leading hygienist in the dental industry.

After 25+ years of experience as a hygienist, not seeing a complete solution to protect the patient from spills, splatter and sprays; a need was recognized for improvement. Our passion for customizing care and innovation led to the development of the Dental Patient Guard. This product was designed to protect the patient's skin, clothes, hair and eyes. Please browse our site to get a better idea of who we are and what the Dental Patient Guard provides.

Our Features

There is so much happening behind the scenes of Pollyanna Hygiene to ensure our patients receive quality, reliable and safe protection during all dental procedures. To bring the Dental Patient Guard to light, we have outlined the key features below. Please browse our photo gallery to learn the benefits you will receive when you choose to do business with us.

Best Protection

No Splatter On Patients


Outstanding Quality


Truly Remarkable

Does this look familiar?

Upgrade Your Standard of Care.

With just one click you can change the way your patients are protected, forever.

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